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Submitted on
March 5, 2011


29 (who?)
Hello Everyone, noctnoku Here~~

I was thinking... How about we create a blog post specially for all the Nico Singer's Birthday? So we can check here to see whose Birthday it is whenever we want? But I need help from the members. If you know the Bithdates of a few Nico Singers, please comment here so can be added to the list (: Okay?

Let's get started~

:pointr:Edit: shannaroooooo here. A 'certain source' told me that Japanese fans love adding their ages in birthday pictures, gifts, etc. so I'll be adding the year and it's up to you to compute their ages. :P

Edit2: Oh, lol. Here I am again. Anyway, as for the years, we've decided to keep it hidden for privacy's sake. We're not gonna hog all the years to ourselves, though. We'll be putting a little [-year-] sign where the year is supposed to be. That way, you can privately PM us and ask for it. :P

:bulletred:Keysuke:08 January [-year-]
:bulletred:Kettaro: 09 January [-year-]
:bulletred:Pokota: 12 January
:bulletred:That: 13 January [-year-]
:bulletred:Riseha: 22 January
:bulletred:Gero: 23 January [-year-]

:bulletgreen:Rumdarjun 07 February
:bulletgreen:Kogeinu: 21 February [-year-]

:bulletpurple:Dasoku: 02 March [-year-]
:bulletpurple:Yurin:02 March
:bulletpurple:Hanycham: 05 March [-year-]
:bulletpurple:Nodoame: 06 March
:bulletpurple:Mi-chan: 09 March [-year-]
:bulletpurple:Piko: 11 March [-year-]
:bulletpurple:Migi no usetsu: 12 March
:bulletpurple:Underbar: 13 March
:bulletpurple:Yamai: 23 March [-year-]
:bulletpurple:ASK: 26 March
:bulletpurple:96neko: 30 March [-year-]

:bulletblue:Beeeeige: 03 April [-year-]
:bulletblue:Che: Sakurai: 06 April
:bulletblue:Luschka: 08 April
:bulletblue:Ameiro: 10 April
:bulletblue:Old: 15 April
:bulletblue:Neko: 16 April
:bulletblue:Wotamin: 20 April [-year-]
:bulletblue:is: 24 April [-year-]
:bulletblue:Tightson: 27 April [-year-]

:bulletyellow:Mitani Nana: 02 May
:bulletyellow:Halyosy: 13 May [-year-]
:bulletyellow:Anima: 25 May [-year-]
:bulletyellow:Yuudai:26 May
:bulletyellow:Razzy:29 May

:bulletorange:Asamaru:02 June
:bulletorange:Koman: 16 June [-year-]
:bulletorange:Choucho: 21 June
:bulletorange:Bis: 24 June
:bulletorange:Ten: 26 June
:bulletorange:Amatsuki: 30 June

:bulletwhite:Nano: 12 July
:bulletwhite:vip-tenchou: 14 July
:bulletwhite:Ren: 19 July [-year-]
:bulletwhite:Eal: 21 July
:bulletwhite:Shamuon: 22 July [-year-]
:bulletwhite:Inakomono: 27 July [-year-]
:bulletwhite:amu: 30 July

:bulletred:YU: 03 August
:bulletred:Mucchi: 10 August [-year-]
:bulletred:Sekihan: 13 August [-year-]
:bulletred:Hashiyan: 16 August
:bulletred:Nero: 23 August
:bulletred:Akiakane:24 August
:bulletred:Glutamine:24 August
:bulletred:clear: 27 August
:bulletred:Puruto: 28 August

:bulletgreen:Panyo: 06 September
:bulletgreen:Valshe: 15 September [-year-]
:bulletgreen:Yuyoyuppe: 25 September [-year-]
:bulletgreen:Kaito (海斗): 28 September
:bulletgreen:Usa: 29 September

:bulletpurple:Jack: 01 October
:bulletpurple:Alilem: 18 October
:bulletpurple:Creamzone: 25 October [-year-]

:bulletyellow:Soraru: 03 November
:bulletyellow:Zebra: 05 November [-year-]
:bulletyellow:Yuuto: 10 November
:bulletyellow:Kony: 13 November
:bulletyellow:Sphere: 20 November
:bulletyellow:Faneru: 28 November
:bulletyellow:Keisen: 30 November

:bulletblack:Kradness: 01 December [-year-]
:bulletblack:ShounenT: 26 December [-year-]
:bulletblack:Maro: 30 December [-year-]

Many thanks to these people for the information!
argentum-lunar, Meta-Kakera, melodienini, Takki-sama, shannaroooooo, LuckiiClover, Michiyone, redgirlfromhell2403, irenerei, AoTsubasa, HawkeyedHSK, Wotamin, iChoulicio, Nanami-pl, ohschick, JoMerrygoround12, ToxiicLolita
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Creampuff-sky Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Un:c is also in August 27 and why is Usa's birthdate in wiki is August 14?
ArtIsDerp Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see this was posted quite a while ago but... who is the youngest utaite and hiw old are they? >.<
TsukiNoKage-niconico Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
U can check my journal though i'm not sure whether all are correct... :/ [link] (but i'm pretty confident abt MOST of them :3)
ToxiicLolita Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
29 May= Razzy
orenjinoir Featured By Owner May 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yuudai = May 26
argentum-lunar Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
Glutamine - August 24
Wotamin Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012   Traditional Artist
Sphere. = November 20
We asked him xD
ohschick Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
Old- April 15
argentum-lunar Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
Yuuto : November 10th
jJst watched his nama. Should be his birthday...
He tagged it along with his height and weight too xDD
should i post his H/W data here? Just in case~
JoMerrygoround12 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2012
According to Pixiv, Riseha's birthday is 22nd of January o3o
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